“Black Friday” dates all the way back to Philadelphia, 1869. Used to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday has captured the minds, trollies and wallets of shoppers and become a … Read More

ADEC “steals” ANC colours

The African Democratic Change (“ADEC”) party was officially launched on 1 December 2017 in South Africa. A representation of its logo is depicted below:   The African National Congress (“ANC”) member of Parliament, Makhosi Khoza, left the ANC to start … Read More


The soft drink battle of “PEPSI TWIST” versus “LEMON TWIST” continued in South Africa in the Supreme Court of Appeal. In 2006, PepsiCo had applied for the registration of the trade mark “PEPSI TWIST”. Atlantic Industries (“Atlantic”), a wholly owned … Read More

Is there a trade mark for Africa?

On the back of last month’s article regarding the new .africa domain name registration, we received many enquiries about protecting a brand/trademark in Africa under one application. Unfortunately, there is no bulk or single trademark registration that will cover the … Read More


The .africa domain name is now available to the public. Any person or party can go ahead and register the .africa domain name on a first come – first serve basis. Companies such as Coca-Cola and Apple have already registered … Read More

Phishing Scam Alert

Moore Attorneys would like to caution businesses and individuals that Phishing Scams are rapidly increasing. Please be vigilant, ensure that all correspondence is received from an e-mail address ending with and report any suspicious activity to us at